Monday, September 21, 2009

What Do Naturopathic Residencies and Pygmy Goats Have In Common?

Posted by Marcia Prenguber, ND, FABNO

Just as Lise noted in the previous blog, it has been a several weeks since the conference and, having taken a week’s vacation after the conference, I am still trying to catch up on things. Part of that process is reflecting on the various happenings at the conference, and what we all accomplished during that week.

The top of the list for me is the brand new residency organization – the NPGA! No, it is not the National Pigmy Goat Association, nor the National Propane Gas Association. It is the Naturopathic Post Graduate Association!

Lise Alschuler, Christine Girard and I have a driving passion for post-graduate medical education, and have talked about it for quite some time. So, knowing that there is interest by a number of folks in or associated with the field, and many examples of progress with the increasing number of ND residencies, we decided to move forward and ask for some assistance. How do we address the wide number of needs surrounding naturopathic residencies? The answer? An organization specifically focused on residencies for NDs! The goal of the NPGA is to be a resource to the profession by providing the infrastructure to support the growth of post graduate medical opportunities, to offer information to legislative bodies, to board certification organizations and to the public. The vision of the NPGA is to create universally available naturopathic post-graduate medical education.

The NPGA board is comprised of representatives from various organizations, from private practice, the public, and a representative resident in order to move these goals forward. We will explore a universal application process, residency/resident matching programs. In addition we will look to increase the availability and diversity of residencies as well as expand and diversify funding sources. I admit, pretty big goals. And, I am certain that they can be achieved over time with as dynamic a board as we have in the NPGA. So please join me in celebrating this newly founded board and the naturopathic determination to accomplish these goals!

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