Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three and a Half Months In

Michael Cronin, ND
AANP President 
Members, there is a lot of good work being done by the volunteers and staff of the AANP going into the second quarter of 2012, this year of active transition. 
The Executive Director search concludes at the DC FLI.  The Board will decide between two very motivated and qualified candidates to make the final choice for our new team builder. Stay tuned.
The legislative committee chaired by Lorilee Shoenbeck, ND, Vermont, has been busy working with our lobbyists and staff. They are all working with AANP staff to organize the DC FLI and the training provided to ND’s at the event. This year AANP will offer 2-tiered 101 and 201/301 legislative training.  Our priority is to protect several key provisions of the Affordable Care Act including section 2706 on non-discrimination in health care. Our lobbyists, Deborah Senn and Rick Miller, have been helping us refine our federal legislative plans.  To that end, we will be asking Members of Congress to support our efforts at HHS.

The DC FLI participants will be fortified with a new list of the 10 most relevant scientific studies on Naturopathic Medicine to be used in our Capitol Hill visits.  The Scientific Affairs committee, chaired by Michelle Simon, ND, Seattle, has developed the list.  Another top-ten list is being developed for use in licensed and unlicensed state efforts.
A word about the upcoming AANP Convention: the House of Delegates, chaired by Bruce Milliman, ND, has proposed a leadership summit on the day before the AANP conference. The day will be a meeting of the minds of the new ED, HOD members, the AANP board and other participants.  Please put this on your calendars and plan to attend. 
Good work is being done with your membership dollars.  We are a relatively small community with a big mission. The AANP needs more members so that we can do more.  If you haven’t already, I hope you will join us in this important work.  If you are a member, I would ask that you reach out to your colleagues and encourage them to join our upcoming activities.
Michael Cronin, ND
Your AANP president.
Your AANP is working for you. 

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